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If you need help getting started, LINKS Management Solutions offers comprehensive training on How to Start an HOA in your neighborhood or development. With LINKS Management Solutions, it’s easy to start an HOA your neighbors or residents love. Our qualified management experts are there to walk you through all the steps of setting up an HOA without any of the stress that comes from trying to do it on your own.

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Planning Each Step




When creating an HOA, one of the most important steps is the writing and development of your HOA CC&R (Homeowner’s Association Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions). If you are a member of one of our valued communities, your HOA’s CC&R can be found on your Homeowners’ Portal here.

Homeowners' Portal

 An HOA is a legal entity created to help develop, manage, and sell a community of homes, and the CC&R you write will decide how your specific community is run. An HOA CC&R is a legal obligation included with the deed of the real estate detailing what can and can’t be done in or around your home or community. These restrictions are usually carried on to future buyers of the property. For example, an HOA CC&R might require the buyer, and all future buyers, to maintain a property in a reasonable state of repair, restrict building or growth to preserve a sight-line for a neighboring property, disallow the running of a home business from a residence, or restrict building on certain areas of your property. 

Most HOA CC&Rs are meant only to protect your neighborhood from homeowners destroying trees or otherwise directly harming property values. Other CC&Rs can be much stricter, specifically outlining all allowable and restricted changes to the exterior of their home, including acceptable colors to re-paint the home, exactly when holiday decorations are allowed to be placed and when they must be cleared away, automobile placement or repair on property, satellite placement, and more.


Rules & Regulations


Many communities have established HOA Rules and Regulations. These Rules and Regulations are adopted by the Board of Directors to provide guidelines to the property owners who have questions or concerns about correct procedures for street parking, pet care guidelines, pool use, and other considerations in shared community spaces. These HOA Rules and Regulations help clarify the community standards and expectations and help residents resolve conflicts that might arise while assuring the rules apply equally to all residents. 




HOA Bylaws are a set of rules or guidelines for the operation of your Board of Directors. These bylaws generally define the offices and committees involved with your Board. The HOA Bylaws can include direction and expectations for voting rights, meetings, notices, as well as other rights or gatherings involved in successful HOA operations. 


Governing Documents


HOA Governing Documents are the declaration, bylaws, operating rules, articles of incorporation, and any other documents used in the governing and operational procedures of an association. These documents are written by your Board of Directors and voted on by your community.  If you are a member of one of our valued HOA communities, your documents are available in your Homeowners’ Portal.  


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