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Community Associations Institute (CAI) Training is offered by a national and chapter-based membership organization founded in 1973 and dedicated to fostering successful common-interest communities. CAI provides education, tools, and resources for members who lead and manage association-governed communities.

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Homeowner Association


Open to all interested in learning more about best practices.

LINKS Management Solutions offers HOA community member and board member training to any person interested in learning more about best practices for effective and successful HOA communities. These HOA training sessions offer guidance on all important steps to building an HOA including insurance needs (both personal and master insurance policies to cover your association as a whole), guidelines on how to conduct an HOA meeting through the use of Roberts Rules of Order or basic professional protocol, and what to expect from your HOA management company.

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Uplift our strong and diverse neighborhoods within the Southern Colorado communities.

Our HOA Education series, offered in partnership with CONO, allows LINKS Management Solutions to uplift our strong and diverse neighborhoods within the Southern Colorado communities by offering training that strengthens neighborhoods with education, trust-building, and community engagement. This HOA education series also gives us a chance to focus on our passion for empowering women and minorities to enable self-confidence and the realization of their full potential.

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Management Training

HOA Management Training through LINKS Management Solutions provides valuable information to homeowners, developers, and board members interested in building or improving their Homeowners’ Association.

Through our HOA Management Training, we provide information on all the ins and outs of running a successful and happy HOA and what to expect from your HOA management company including guidelines on conducting HOA meetings, contract negotiations with contractors, monthly assessment protocols, how to determine the proper personal and master insurance policies for members of your community and your HOA community as a whole, due collection, and how to allocate the money into Operating Banking accounts for day-to-day bills and Reserve Banking accounts for your association. 

These HOA Management Training sessions give our communities the knowledge and resources to lead with confidence.

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LINKS Management Solutions is a local Colorado Springs company providing exceptional Homeowners Association Management solutions to Southern Colorado communities.

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